How to find the "perfect" activewear for your body shape.

How to find the "perfect" activewear for your body shape.

Yes you can purchase activewear for your body shape.  As women we want to look good, feel comfortable, and confident.  Working out has enough challenges and can at times damage our moods and the last thing we need is ill fitting activewear to make us feel worse.

 Keep on reading to for some quick tips on how to choose the perfect activewear for your shape.

 If you are shaped like an apple you may have large bust, a round midsection, no defined waistline, narrow hips and small legs. These body shapes should choose loose fitting tops that tie or have a v-neck, with fitted capris as the bottom.  Leave the flare legs behind.

 If you are shaped like a triangle you may have broad shoulders with a small bust narrowing down to your hips.  You should wear fitted tops with thicker straps, bottoms in brighter colors, while avoiding horizontal lines.

 My pear shaped mommas usually have hips that are wider than the bust and shoulders along with slim arms.  You should wear scoop or wide neck tops. Bottoms in a dark print and features a high waist.  Avoid light colored bottoms and large fitting tops.

The last of the shapes is rectangle. if you have equal bust, waist, and hip measurements along with the lack of curves, this may be your shape. If so stick with open neck tops and bottoms in a different color than the top you are wearing.  Avoid the monochromatic look. 

Note, it is difficult for us all to be one body shape.  Be open to a secondary body type as well. 

Here at McKenna Blue we want getting dressed to be fun and stress free so please do not look at this tips as an end all.  The most important thing about getting dressed for the day is that you wear whatever fits your body and makes you feel confident. 

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