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McKenna Blue

White Sun Visor

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Sun Visors for You & the Squad

If a sun visor makes you think of old-timey blackjack dealers, think again. Sun visors are putting the ‘fun’ back in functional.

A sun visor protects your face from sun damage without hiding your hair. To keep from developing hair dents, don’t cinch it too tight.

Originally intended to be worn for outdoor sports, they’ve become a fashion darling and have even been spotted on runway models.

  • Protects your face from sun damage without hiding your hair.
  • Looks great with a sporty skirt and top, dresses, shorts and a t-shirt, and of course jeans.
  • Is perfect for the beach or pool,  they work equally well with one-piece and two-piece suits.
  • A ponytail or braid looks great with a sun visor, and has the added benefit of keeping your hair off your neck when it heats up outside.
  • Keeps your hair in place, especially if you’re running around all day.

Unisex and made from sturdy, lightweight easy-care polyester, and are pre-curved for comfort.

The sun visor’s adjustable closure means one size fits most.